Questions and Answers

Just how weather-resistant are your straw umbrellas?

Our straw umbrellas were designed for both outdoor as well as indoor use and can be left in any outdoor location throughout the entire year. Experience has shown that thatched canopies will last approximately 15-30 years before they need to be completely reconditioned. Thatch weathers naturally over the years to give straw umbrellas their characteristic appearance. Should you ever need replacement thatch to mend or recondition your canopy, you can additionally order this natural renewable material at any time. For our canopies, we use only the most supple and durable thatch proven over many centuries to be highly weather-resistant.

How environmentally friendly are your straw umbrellas?

Rest assured of a completely clear conscience when you purchase one of our straw umbrellas. We make our umbrellas exclusively from raw materials harvested to leave the lowest possible carbon footprint. All our materials are recyclable and can be re-used.

What happens when it snows or hails or when there’s frost?

Our straw umbrellas are generally weather-resistant. However, should you prefer to store your umbrella for the winter, you can easily dismantle it and store it under DRY conditions.
NOTE: Never store damp thatch as this is an open invitation for mold! Please make sure you have 2-4 people to help you dismantle your umbrella depending on its size.

How stable is a straw umbrella in a big storm or heavy winds?

When bad weather is forecast, please take the appropriate measures to additionally secure your straw umbrella to prevent any damage. This becomes even more important when the umbrella base plate has not been sufficiently doweled according to our recommendations.

What kind of anchoring options are there?

To achieve the greatest possible stability, we recommend setting your umbrella in concrete using our steel sleeve.

For locations where this is not possible (patios), please order our “heavy-duty” concrete slab along with your umbrella (available with all our models). We additionally recommend sufficient doweling of the base.

Is there any outdoor furniture to match your straw umbrellas?

Yes, we offer an exclusive and select teak outdoor furniture collection to beautifully match our straw umbrellas. Pieces range from comfortable chairs to bar settings.
All of our teak outdoor furniture is suitable for commercial use and can optionally include folding teak chairs. If desired, we can oil any of our premium teak outdoor furniture before shipping. You should then continue to oil your furniture yourself once a year to protect the wood.

Do you offer a set-up service?

Absolutely. We offer all domestic and foreign customers the option of professional assembly and set-up. Please contact us by phone or mail if you would like to schedule a personal appointment. We will promptly call you back at no charge.

Can you make customized umbrellas?

Yes, we can custom-produce any straw umbrella according to your exact specifications up to a diameter of 5 meters. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quote based on your specific size requirements.

Are your straw umbrellas suitable for commercial or indoor use?

Yes, especially for beach clubs, hotel facilities, outdoor swimming pools, water parks, beaches, tourism industry advertising vehicles, travel agencies, business environments – even as a unique trade fair booth – the possibilities are endless for our exclusive straw umbrellas!

How long does delivery take and how do you pack your straw umbrellas?

Except for custom-produced umbrellas, we always strive to keep all of our umbrella models in stock. Should we ever experience unusually heavy demand for a particular model which would delay its delivery, we will generally let you know what kind of delay you can expect in the constructing of your straw umbrella. Our straw umbrellas are semi-dismantled and securely packed in wooden crates. We use a number of different shipping services.

Are your straw umbrellas protected against fire? When should I choose to impregnate extra flame-resistant protection to the Class B1 rating?

Fire-retardant impregnation is essential for all enclosed commercial facilities and highly recommended for all other interior areas. Please contact us if you need any further information about fire prevention impregnation (B1).

What is the procedure if I have a complaint?

We subject each and every one of our straw umbrellas to one last thorough in-house quality control step before shipping. Please keep in mind that straw umbrellas are a natural product and colors may differ slightly from the photographs. Should you still have a problem or concern, we will of course attend to it immediately.